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Master Pentecostal Studies

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offer a one year Master Pentecostal Studies in the English language starting September 2007 Coordinator Prof. dr. Cornelis van der Laan,

Master Pentecostal Studies at Amsterdam
The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers a one year Master Pentecostal Studies in the English language. It is a subprogram of the existing Master of Theology. Other subprograms are Living Reformed Theology, Contextual and Cross-Cultural Theology, Evangelical and Reformation Theology, Bible Translation and Church Ministry.

The Vrije Universiteit already has established a professorial chair for Pentecostal Studies as well as a professorial chair for the Theology of the Charismatic Renewal. It also hosts the Hollenweger Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, which includes the extensive Hollenweger library. The Hollenweger Center being one of the founding participants of Glopent.

The Master of Theology aims at:

  • an exposure to contemporary contexts in which Christian theologians are challenged to reflect critically on the differences in the expressions of faith caused by culture and traditions;
  • the methodological competence to write a master's theses in the chosen specialization.

The subprogram Pentecostal Studies offers graduate studies on Global Pentecostalism and is linked to the professorial chair for Pentecostal Studies.

Learning objectives are:

  • to become familiar with the origins and developments of Global Pentecostalism;
  • to be able to critically reflect on the various definitions, descriptions and interpretations of Pentecostalsm;
  • to acquire a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of the main themes of Pentecostal theology;
  • to conduct independent scholarly research on a Pentecostal theme;
  • to analyse, evaluate and interact with developments in Pentecostal issues and to relate these to a larger theological frame of reference.

More information will be shortly found on the website

Coordinator Prof. dr. Cornelis van der Laan

Contributed by:

Cornelis van der Laan

Veenendaal, The Netherlands
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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