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Current issue: PentecoStudies 19.1 (Spring 2020)

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Editorial PDF
Jörg Haustein 5-7


The Undercurrent Coming to the Surface: Pentecostal Strategies, Entrepreneurship, and the Nation State in the Chinese World PDF
Nanlai Cao 8-35
Crooked Prophets, Ungodly Politicians and their Publics: Popular Christian Engagements in South Africa PDF
Ilana van Wyk 36--61
When All Comes Crumbling Down: A Nigerian Pastor and his Congregation in the Diaspora PDF
Anders Per Lundberg 62-80
Pentecostal Fractality in Socially Deprived Urban Spaces: A Case Study in Bajos de Mena, Santiago de Chile PDF
Abraham Gonzalo Paulsen 81-100


Righteous Gentiles. Religion, Identity and Myth in John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel by Sean Durbin PDF
Anna Kirchner 101-103
Pentecostal Theology and Ecumenical Theology: Interpretations and Intersections by Peter Hocken, Tony L. Richie and Christopher A. Stephenson (eds) PDF
Michael McClymond 104-106
The Pentecostal Republic. Religion and the Struggle for State Power in Nigeria by Ebenezer Obadare PDF
Christopher Wadibia 107-109
Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa by Kenneth R. Ross, J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu and Todd M. Johnson. PDF
Gideon Bakare 110-112
The Hermeneutical Spirit: Theological Interpretation and Scriptural Imagination for the 21st Century by Amos Yong PDF
William P. Atkinson 113-114
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