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Hans Olsson

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Location: Lund, Sweden

Institution: Centre of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Lund

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I am a registered PhD student.

My PhD dissertation deals with the presence of Pentecostal churches on the Zanzibar islands in Tanzania. The project addresses how Pentecostal Christians deals with the predominately Muslim context (app. 97% are muslims)in Zanzibar. Focus will be put on communal Pentecostal identity through the collection of individuals' life-narratives, and how a Pentecostal communal identity or a Pentecostal culture interacts and negotiates with the socio-culturally Muslim dominated society.

The project is based on new empiric material (interviews & participant observations) collected through periods of fieldwork in Zanzibar. The project addresses besides the aspect of Charismatic Christian-Muslim relations, such relationships implications on the wider socio-political and socio-economic context. Furthermore, when the Pentecostal churches on Zanzibar membership base originate from places outside Zanzibar the socio-political impact of intra-continental African migration will be considered.

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